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Marilyn Martin is best known for "Separate Lives" a 1985 duet with Phil Collins which went to #1 on the pop charts which was featured in the film White Nights.

She had toured with Stevie Nicks and Joe Walsh as a background singer prior to recording Separate Lives.

Then she was signed to Atlantic Records. In 1986 she released her debut CD simply titled Marilyn Martin a single "Night Moves" did well.

In 1988 she released "This Is Serious" which included the single Possessive Love which was co-written by Madonna for Marilyn. Unfortunately the album failed to do well and atlantic records dropped her from the label.

Since then she has done background vocals for various artists. She was born in tennessee in 1954. Raised in Louisville, KY. She lived in ohio growing up as a teenager and settled down in Los Angeles with her husband guitarist Greg Droman.

In L.A she did alot of work as a background vocalist for the likes of Tom Petty, Kenny Loggins, Stevie Nicks, and Foreigner.

In 1994 under the Atlantic Records label she released a single called Through His Eyes, a country sound to it. The was suppose to be an album titled When I Get Home but I have never found it so if you have it contact me!

She is Still recording the odd song although hard to find Ebay is a good source. She has done alot of compilations that have been released in Japan. The latest one which was released in 2002 is called Sincerely and she has 2 songs called Plastic Love and a duet with Joe Pizzulo called When Angels Cry. Also in 2002 she appears on Jim Wilson's My First Christmas With You singing a duet with him called My First Christmas With You.
She currently is working on a new album to be released on her own website Marilyn's Official Website